I am a fan of things

I finished Sabagebu! Here goes:

It’s a comedy. It’s very silly. It’s episodic. There’s not really an overarching plot and not really any meaninglful character development. It’s absolutely aware of all this and makes the best of it. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t anything that I think I could qualify as a good story. However, it was absolutely enjoyable to watch.

There’s not too much more to say about it, really. I wouldn’t recommend against it if it’s your kinda thing, it’s just not really mine.

There’s an OVA out in three days that I will be watching.


Welp. Rail Wars is done. Guess I should write that up too. It’s a short one.

It’s a piece of crap; don’t watch it. The only reason I continued watching past the first few episodes and gave it two stars is because I fucking love trains, and what train-related content is present is accurate, detailed, and really cool.

It’s so full of cheesecake and fanservice and completely devoid of meaningful plot or character development. It’s really, really bad.


Fuck it. Time for my writeup of Aldnoah Zero’s first season.

The show itself is still very much not done (season two already scheduled for winter season), but so far, the plot has been very good. It doesn’t rely on most of the bad mecha tropes (mech and girl fall out of the sky, ugh that one is the worst), but still contains everything good about the mecha genre (combining, detachable fists, etc.). The plot is super interesting and the pacing is excellent. Truly high scifi at its best.

The focus of this one is not so much on the characters as they develop or the interactions between them, but there are some characters that have the potential to be really compelling with a little more work (Marito and Magbaredge in particular).

Technically, A/Z is a beatiful thing. The noticibly-stylisticly-unique 2D and the extremely high quality 3D are blended together extremely well. It’s absolutely a joy visually. The music is also incredibly good (s/o to Hiroyuki Sawano (who also composed for Kill la Kill)).

There are a few shortcomings that I hope will be addressed next season (would like more development for the elder Kaizuka, Marito, and Magbaredge, and I think Inaho’s character is actually kinda weak (character-wise)). These are by no means enough to make me like this show any less.


Seriously though. This one’s a must-watch if you like scifi and/or mecha.

Currently laughing my ass off at the latest episode of Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei because Tatsuya’s super suit thing’s flying mechanism. Every time he whacked his crotch to activate the thing made me have to pause the show for a few seconds so I could regain my composure. (Seriously, whose idea was that?)

This week’s Aldnoah Zero left me absolutely stunned. Holy fucking shit.

It’s reminiscent of the end of the first season of Code Geass, but that much more “holy fucking shit”

Also, fuck the season gap. It’s not back until January.