I am a fan of things

I’m still getting around to catching up on all the stuff I got behind on while on vacation, so I just finished up Zankyou no Terror.

Holy shit. So good.

It’s really not often you see anime fall into the exclusively psychological/thriller genre like this one. And boy did it ever. It’s just so good. It’s really hard to put into words. If I wrote at all about the plot or characters, it would ruin the experience of watching it for yourself, which you should definitely do.

It’s another one of those that so thoroughly weaves its universe that it creates a kinda “texture” you feel when you’re watching it.

The animation is really cool, pretty different from most other things. And the music. Holy shit, the music.

Go watch it already.


Well. Psycho-Pass certainly is an experience.


ONE EPISODE LEFT somebody wipe my tears

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